Sew Scary

One of a kind spooky dishtowels, hairbands, accessories, aprons and much more.

Terra started sewing because she is from a small town where she could not find clothing to suit her spooky style. She would visit her local thrift store, digging for garments with unique fabrics. She would bring them home and throw them on her mom’s sewing machine to create exclusive items that no one in town would have, though some might recognize (think “Pretty In Pink” just spookier).

Terra moved to the city where she was able to find clothes that suited her style but she continued to have the same problem when it came to her home decor. Only during that magical time called ~halloween~ was Terra able to find home decor items and fabrics she liked. Once again she found herself at the sewing machine creating spooky quilts, pillows, and curtains for her home.

Terra had always enjoyed creating collages. Once she tried quilting–which is fabric collage–she was hooked! She made two quilts for herself, one for her little sister, and donated one to charity. This past summer, Terra set up a table at Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear selling her pillows and quilts. The response was so great that she decided to take her scary creations to the web. Terra enjoys using traditional quilt patterns or just making it up as she goes along. She adores taking naps and being cozy. Her quilts are created with this in mind–they are backed with polar fleece which is warm but not too heavy.

Terra is a bit of a geek: she enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comics. She is happy if her creations touch on any of these genres but is willing to work with just about anything you have in mind. Being a second-hand shopper, she loves the hunt for the fabric almost as much as making the pillows and quilts.